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One at home

They think nobody sees'em

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May 14 2008
Posted by christelle  [ 06:48 ]
Honey, I'm home ! Sarah was so excited the next day. She had spent most of the night, awake, first saying goodbye to her friends, then the rest of the night thinking about her future. At first she was scared of the future, she would no longer have the security of the orphanage to fall back on. But the more she thought about it, the more confident that her life was in her hands and she would do anything to make sure that she did not end up again falling back on others to support her. Mr. Smith had given the opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to live in a lifestyle that she could only imagine. All she had to do was make sure that she did what “Master Michael” required. It had seemed strange that she would be required to call him Master, but this seemed like such a petty thing compared to the opportunity he was providing. Sarah had her meager belonging packed and was waiting at the door when the chauffeur arrived. The car, a long, black luxury vehicle, astounded her. She did not know much about automobiles, especially very expensive ones, but this one was luxurious. Her face beamed as she got into the car, the chauffeur holding the door open for her, her new life beginning.

John smiled as he opened the door for Sarah. As she bent over to get into the vehicle he watched her ass push back towards him, straining against the skirt she worn. He knew of Michael’s fascination with women and his jaded tastes and those of his friends. He often had to bring women home late at night after a night of partying with Michael and his friends. They were usually well spent, having sexually serviced all of them, often numerous times. Many times they were forced, but money seems to be able to buy anything nowadays, even the virginity of a girl. This was the second time that Michael had hired a full-time maid, the first only lasting a week. Previously Michael used part-time maids that went home at night. They were usually older, mature women, their talents in the care of a home. Sarah was going to be different. He had overheard Michael telling his friends of his plan to hire a maid and turn her into his own personal sex slave. They had all laughed making Michael promise that they too would have the chance to sample the maid’s wares. John felt his cock harden, hoping that he too would be able to partake of the pleasures that Sarah had to offer. He felt a little sorry for Sarah, but then thought, she can make her own decision. She can either have her pride or take the money and give Michael what he wanted. It wouldn’t be such a bad life.

Michael was waiting at the door when Sarah arrived, the picture of a perfect employer. “Follow me and I will show you your room.” They walked up the massive stairs in the front hallway until they reached the second floor. “All of the bedrooms except for one is on this floor. The other bedroom is downstairs next to my study. I sometimes use it if I am working late and do not want to go upstairs. Your room is at the end of the hall.” Michael opened the door at the end of the hall. “My room is next door, the other rooms on each side of yours, are for guests. I often entertain and my guests frequently spend the night.”

Sarah had never seen such a gorgeous room, it being almost as big as one of the dormitories at the orphanage. At one end stood an enormous four poster bed. The posts all about three inches in diameter at there largest part, but tapered down and then spread back out again at numerous points on the post. At the top were large, pineapple shaped carvings with many ridges. A padded bench was at the end of the bed, legs thick like the posts on the bed. In the corner stood an enormous armoire, a dark mahogany that matched the rest of the furniture in the room. Next to it stood a large overstuffed chair and ottoman, looking out of place in the room. On the other side of the room was a door that opened to the bathroom, but the bedroom had a strange feature. The bathtub, a large claw foot metal tub sat in the room across from the chair, not in the bathroom. Sarah thought that odd, but having only lived in orphanages, her experience, especially with the rich, was limited to what she had read.

Michael pointed to the many mirrors in the room, almost all of the walls having at least one large mirror on it and then pointing to the ceiling, over the bed and the bathtub, large mirrors on the ceiling. “This was my mothers room before her death. She was a very beautiful woman, although somewhat vain. She loved to see her reflection. I leave this room this way to remember her. I hope you don’t mind and will get used to being able to see yourself at all times.”

Sarah looked around, seeing her reflection on all of the walls. It would take a while to get used to it, making her a little self-conscious. She did not think of herself as attractive, feeling plainer than anything else. Orphanage life was not a big self-confident builder, it was more you tried to make yourself invisible. “Yes, that is OK,” she said, quickly adding, “Master Michael.”

“I have furnished your armoire with suitable clothing for you. You are only to wear clothes that I supply and you are not to alter them in any manner. I have an image that I have to project and as my employee, you must always project that image that I want you to portray. This is non-negotiable. If you cannot abide by my rules, you are free to go at anytime.” Michael opened the armoire, a row of neatly hung skirts and blouses filled one side. Shoes were on the bottom shelf, many of them with very high heels. Michael pulled out two of the drawers. “You have lingerie in here. I require you to wear silk undergarments and silk stockings. In here are nightclothes, silk negligees and silk robes.”

Sarah had never seen such beautiful clothes. She was always worn sack like dresses, often made of very rough material. “Yes, sir, I will do as you wish, they are so beautiful.”

“I want you to get dressed and be downstairs in 30 minutes. I will give you the rules of the house and your duties. I expect you to be on time at all times. And I expect absolute obedience from all of my help.” Michael walked out of the room, closing the door as he left.

Sarah put her bag down in the corner. I wouldn’t need those anymore. She went into the closet and pulled out a white blouse and black skirt. In the drawer she found a white, silk camisole with a pair of matching panties. They had two lace bows on each side to hold them up. She took out a pair of silk stockings, brown with a dark brown seam up the back. A garter belt would hold them up. A pair of black high heels, not the highest one in the closet, but they were higher then she was used to.

Sarah removed her clothes and threw them into her bag. I’ll throw them all away tomorrow, she thought. She looked at the wall and saw her reflection. She could see her red hair outlining her pale body. She looked so thin, especially with her small breasts. The dark brown areolas contrasted with her pale skin. Her red bush stood out prominently, drawing attention to between her legs. She pulled on the panties, tying the lace on the sides. They were a perfect fit. The camisole was next. She slipped it over her head and as it shimmered down over her breasts her nipples instantly hardened. She put on the garter belt and picked up the silk stockings. She had never felt anything so soft. She sat in the chair and put them on, drawing them up her legs. She looked in the mirror again. It shocked her, her looks. She actually looked very sexy. The lingerie clung to her body, her nipples pointed, her legs accented by the stockings. She put on the blouse, buttoning it up, covering her hard nipples. The skirt came next. It was a harder fit, it clung tightly to her hips and ass. She put her feet into the high heels, balancing precariously for a second until getting used to them. Again she looked into the mirrors. She could not believe what she saw. No longer the orphan, now a very sexy looking women.

Sarah had to walk slowly down to the study, the high heels being new to her. It took a little bit to get used to them, but by time she reached Michael’s study she had gained her confidence. She was just a little worried about the some of the other high heels. She saw one pair that was at least four inches high, straps needed to keep them on the feet. This pair was only two-inch heels. She stood outside the room for a minute to straighten her clothes and prepare herself. I have to make this work, no matter what. I am not going to end up on the street, unable to take care of myself, begging for any chance to eat, she thought. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

“Come in, Sarah,” Michael’s voice answering. She entered the room, a large study, almost a library. There was a large mahogany desk on one side, it being bigger then some of the dinner tables at the orphanage. Behind it was a high back leather chair. Near the fireplace stood four upholstered chairs in a small semicircle around the hearth. A roaring fire was going in it, the outside air turning suddenly cold. Along one wall was the bookcase. It was more then a bookcase, it was a wall of books, from floor to ceiling, and the ceilings were high. Two ladders, both on wheels, were attached to it, allowing anyone to reach books on all shelves. Michael sat in one of the chairs, looking over at the door as she walked in. She saw the smile on his face, looking pleased at her appearance.
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Posted by christelle  [ 06:47 ]
It's so nice when nobody's home but us It was 1000 hours when Base Personnel called me to tell me that they had a
new clerk for me in my section, and to come and get her. Her???? I wondered
just what was in store for me, as I'd never had a WAF working for me before.

I am the NCOIC of Base Operations Administrative Section at Mountain
Home AFB, Idaho. We take care of all the flying personnel training and
examination records for the Air Force flying mission of the base. We have a
sub-section that takes care of the non-jet section and until now we did not
have any clerk to take care of this for us, so we had been having to do it
ourselves. So far we had two NCOs assigned, myself and a TSgt.

At first as I got to Personnel Assignment Section I did not see what I thought
I was supposed to see. I saw a young WAF, very light skinned in a short
skirted WAF uniform displaying a beautiful set of creamy white thighs, that I
wished I could just attack right there and fuck until she hollered mercy!

The Captain came over and greeted me. He then took me over to this foxy
looking beauty and introduced me to her. Airman Tracy Benson, meet your
new boss, MSgt Jones, she advised her as she stood and reached her hand to
shake mine. I'm thinking... what did I do to deserve this?

We were then on our way to return to the Office. By now the day had
progressed to nearly Lunch time, so on the way we stopped by the NCO Club
for Lunch. I found that Benson was married to a Security Policeman and had
qualified to be assigned to the same base as her husband. They had just gotten
married about 3 months previously right after both of them had joined the Air

Benson did not have the rank to be in the NCO Club and the Air Force
frowned on fraternization between the ranks. But they could not say much if a
father entertained his daughter even if that daughter was an Airman. So on the
way there, I explained this lie to Benson, who smiled at the idea and agreed to
call me "Daddy" at the Club.

We ordered our Lunch and each had a beer. I found that she and her husband
had been somewhat separated while they were going to technical school and
now that they had gotten a permanent assignment that they were eager to start
a family. We got to know each other by the time our Lunch was over, quite
well, and if we had been father and daughter in reality we could not have
known much more about each other. She was a Taurus and I was a Virgo,
which meant that we had a lot of similar desires and concerns.

We finally made it back to the office about 1300 hours, where the rest of the
afternoon was spent on her getting acquainted with her new job. It was quite
evident that we were going to enjoy working with each other and that a certain
electricity between us also existed, by her generous smiles at me and
developing attention at everything I said.

I could visualize, as the afternoon wore on, that there was a very definite
possibility here in this new clerk for some great fucking. Hesitantly, I
offered to take her home after I found that her husband already had been
assigned to a Flight in the Security Police and was working on his first round
of Swing shifts that very evening. My wife was to come home from visiting
some of her friends in Boise some 60 miles away, about 7 p.m., but I figured
that maybe over a couple of beers or mixed drinks I could get to know this
young beauty much better.

Inasmuch as her husband had dropped her off at Base Personnel when he had
gone to work early to catch up on some extra security training, Benson did
not have transportation. We locked our office and as I opened the car door
for her to get in, she sat and swung her legs around, giving me a very good
view of a pantyless crotch covered only by flesh colored panty hose, as she
smiled up at me, knowing full well what she had done. My cock came to full

Our drive to my quarters in married housing was painful. At last we arrived
and got into my quarters, my cock trying to bust through its confines in my
pants. Benson quickly advised she had to use the bathroom. While she was
there, I broke open a couple of cans of beer and handed her one as she came
out of the bathroom. We proceeded to make small talk about our families.
She took an interest in the picture of my wife's daughter on the piano, and I
did not let on to her that that daughter was not mine as well, in fact I began
expounding on the virtues of Jenny as if she was my own daughter and I was
the doting daddy. One beer led to another and soon we had completed nearly
two six-packs of the sudsy. It was apparent that Benson was beginning to feel
the alcohol, the hem line on her Air Force skirt was creeping up her white
thighs. She made the announcement that the beer seemed to be running
through her and she had to go pee again, at which time she arose and nearly
fell down and would have if I had not grabbed her. I then steadied her and
helped her to walk to the bathroom, opening the door for her. She had
grabbed me by the shoulder and would not let go as I helped her to the toilet.
She quickly sat on the toilet, but failed to slip her pantyhose off and ended up
peeing in her pantyhose, soaking it. By the time she realized what she had
done it was too late and after she finished peeing, I reached down and
removed her shoes and then reached under her skirt and removed her
pantyhose from down across her ass cheeks, thighs and legs, as she pulled
herself up by holding onto my shoulders, throwing the sodden nylon into the
adjoinng bathtub. She was a sight to behold... she had shaved her pubes and
her pussy looked like that of a newborn baby girl... smooth, pink. Her
demeanor was very erotic... it was obvious that she had been fantasizing,
probably about me, for some time, as her pussy lips definitely had a
dampness seeping from them including the drops of her piss.

I was brought out of this dreamlike observaton by the phone ringing. It was
my wife and she was calling from her friend's home in Boise. They had been
enjoying an afternoon of Korean women socializing and she had decided to
stay overnight with her friend and return home the next day. I could not
believe it... here I was with a new foxy clerk, she was nearly drunk on her ass
and half naked in my home, giving me every kind of come on I could imagine
and my wife is not coming home tonight? I had an idea that that other kind of
"cuming" was going to very much happen.

Chapter 2

As soon as I hung up, I explained to Benson that my wife was going to be out
all night and that if she wanted she could stay here with me since her husband
would not be getting off work until after midnight and she had to be at work
the next morning at 0800 with me. This brought another big smile to her
face... it was obvious that she had a certain design on my ass for whatever

My wife had fixed some boeuf Bourguignon for our dinner the night before
and it was now in the refrigerator. I took this and placed it in the microwave
oven and soon we were eating leftovers. It was obvious, though, that Benson
had more on her mind than eating leftovers, as she reached down and began
fondling my now hardening cock. Brushing her hand aside, in a teasing move,
I went to the liquor cabinet, poured a couple of glasses of wine and delivered
them to a very frustrated young airman WAF whose body language was crying
with her need to be filled in that obviously hot cave between her white thighs.

I then proceeded to undress her and then she was helping me to get naked. I
rinsed out her pantyhose and hung them up to dry, and turned to her, my cock
poking hard against her bare ass as I pointed her toward the bedroom. She hit
the bed without removing the covers, and lay back on her back, opening her
white hot thighs, showing her heated depths, obviously seeping her honey in
excitement. That was all it took as I lay across her and took her into my arms
kissing the nape of her neck, bathing her naked tits and face with my tongue. I
felt her reach down with one of her hands and grab my naked stiff woody and
pull it towards her treasure chest. Then my helmet was splitting her pussy lips
and I gently slid into her hot wetness, stopping only against her cervix. I
proceeded to fuck her in a frenzy of action, but our combined lust did not
allow completion without my cock slipping from her hot wetness. She
grabbed, and tipped up her glass of wine and then was guzzling her glass of
wine, spilling some of it on her naked breasts in her haste to get my cock
back in her. She was like a lioness... clearly in heat and wanting to get bred.
At this point she was clearly in lust, as opposed to love.

"To us two," she responded. "Next year, let it be us three." At first I could not
understand what she meant, but then it donned on me... she wanted to have a
baby, and obviously did not care who the daddy would be. I drank to that.
"You're sure now?" I asked.

"Oh yes! I checked, and there is no problem." She hadn't said what the
problem might be; and, despite my curiosity, I did not ask...

I found it easy to stop eating when she did. We even left wine in the bottle.
"We'll leave this for morning," she said. "We'll need the hot water," so we did
not wash anything.

I pulled her to me, feeling her nipples between my fingers as I felt her tits
pressing the hair against my chest. When my rising cock pressed against her
thigh, she rolled her ass against it. I had to let go. Then I was cuming, her
creamy nakedness had gotten me so aroused with lust by her rubbing against
me that I simply shot my cum into the air, wasting what she thought was my
baby-making seed to be spent in her fertile valley.

My cock was now deflated, with my cum continuing to seep from its crown
and pee hole. Neatly, carefully, she folded the blanket down over the foot of
the bed, folded it again and then a third time. The top sheet followed. She
seemed unaware of me, but very much aware of her nakedness, absorbed in
this minor domestic task. Her every move was efficient, the minimal motion
to get that particular piece of cloth where it belonged, as she displayed her
bare ass to me, teasing.

Her every move displayed her lithe beauty in the dim light. A breast displayed
its fullness hanging down as she bent over. Briefly masked by a curtain of
hair, it displayed its pertness after she straightened. It jiggled as she strode to
the other corner of the bed.

Her rump flexed as she reached for the sheet, tightened as she straightened
with it. I glimpsed her bare mound as she turned towards me, the sparser hair
on her lips as she leaned over with her back to me.

All of this activity, a minute -- two at most -- was arranging a clear field for
our action. She was preparing the space for her impregnation. By the time she
climbed on the bed and rolled on her back, my cock had grown so large that it
nearly hurt.
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Posted by christelle  [ 06:45 ]
young photographer It was 6 months since I had started working for a guy who owned some sun bed shops, I had wanted promotion and worked hard, I was given my own shop and it was doing well.

Our boss was having a BBQ at his house for all employees to say thank you for a good year. We were allowed to take along our partners, husbands etc. The party was going well but my boyfriend, Tony and I had argued before we left his flat and I wasn’t feeling too sociable, the boss caught me outside on my own and I explained , he told me to just relax and have a good time. A little later I was looking for Tony to apologize but couldn’t find him, and then a guy told me he had gone to the car, I went out and there he was with his hand up some girls blouse and his tongue stuck in her mouth. I blew up and started screaming at them, Tony tried to apologize but I just screamed at him, the next thing they both got in his car and drove off, I was devastated.

I was determined to get absolutely slaughtered and started to drink loads.
When someone suggested a slammer competition I was up for it and started knocking back tequila, then all our names were put in 2 hats 1 for guys and 1 for girls, names were drawn and I was partnered with John my boss. After a few more the girls were stood with a Tequila in 1 hand, salt in there cleavage and lemon in the other, the guy had to lick the salt, knock back the tequila and suck the lemon. Only about 8 people were left when I found myself with the lemon in my lips, as he licked, drank and then took the lemon I found myself trying to kiss him, he looked bemused.

Pretty soon I found myself feeling a little ill so John showed me a room so I could lie down, I thanked him and as I turned I stumbled, he caught me and as I stood up I kissed him, he responded by kissing me back, my hands roamed his body, he was 15 years older than me but in good shape, his arms were round my back, then he pulled away saying,
“This may not be a good idea”
I replied it was and there would be no ties or problems

We kissed again this time he was more adventurous, unbuttoning my shirt then kissing down my neck he pulled my bra cups down and kissed down my cleavage and on to my nipples, as he sucked they hardened , he was nipping them gently between his teeth making me moan and wriggle. He moved behind me kissing my neck & shoulders his hands cupping my boobs, rolling my nipples in his fingers; my head was tipped back as I relished his touch.

His hands slid down over my stomach and I felt him pulling up my skirt, the cool air on my thighs, his hand slid over the sheer fabric of my panties and slowly circled down to my pussy. He gasped as he found I was completely shaved, this was what Tony and I had argued about. John’s body was pressed against me and I could feel his hard cock against my ass. I wiggled a little making him groan. He turned me around and sat me on the bed, pushing me back he knelt between my legs pushing up my skirt he kissed my thighs, licking and gently nipping up to my now damp G string. His tongue flicked over my inner thighs making me squirm, then I felt 1 of his finger slip into my G string, as his finger glanced along my pussy lips I groaned and pushed myself up onto my elbows watching as his finger traced my pussy lips. He stopped and I almost screamed, until I realized he was pulling at my underwear, I eased my hips up and let him pull them off as my pussy was exposed I heard him murmur

He looked up at me smiling and then kissed up my thighs again, then I felt him gently blowing up & down the moist length of my pussy, I couldn’t help myself I pulled my left leg up letting it fall to one side as I lay flat again. I almost jumped off the bed as his tongue flicked ever so lightly over my moist slit gently parting my lips and entering me a little, his lips seemed to plant a kiss on my pussy and his tongue slipped ever deeper into me, I was by now moving my hips against his face. He used his fingers to open my pussy and then slid a finger into me as his tongue found my clit, lightly flicking over it his fingers pumping me slowly, it felt like I was getting small electric shocks as his tongue circled then flicked over my clit, I was moaning my hips pushing at his mouth.

He pushed my knees up onto the bed then apart, my pussy open to his tongue and mouth then started licking, kissing and probing me, I grabbed his hair pulling his face harder against my soaking mound, he responded by sucking my clit into his mouth and flicking it with the tip of his tongue, making me cry out as I felt my orgasm build, then moan in frustration as he stopped, I was panting and couldn’t breath properly, I looked down to see his face smiling up at me, his mouth glistened with my pussy juices, he licked his lips then lifted my legs 1 over each shoulder and started to lick me slowly again, he slipped 2 fingers into me and slowly circled my pussy then I felt his tongue working on me again, his fingers pumped faster and my hips bucked against him, his tongue found my clit and I was fast approaching my orgasm. I felt 1 of his hands on my boob, then he pulled my nipple gently at first then a little harder, this made me pump his fingers and tongue harder.

He sucked my clit between his lips and flicked at it with his tongue I started to moan as I felt my orgasm build , I was gasping my hips bucking against him, my legs over his shoulders I crossed my ankles and used the leverage to stop him from stopping, I didn't have worried. I felt my pussy contract and wanted to stop myself from cumming to make this last, but al of a sudden I felt him really squeeze and pull my nipple I screamed and my orgasm exploded, I was moaning as I felt his tongue on me, his fingers pulled out of me and he replaced them with his mouth & tongue lapping and kissing my pussy, I fell back onto the bed as he continued to lick and kiss my pussy.

He stopped and stood up, as I looked at him he smiled and I beckoned for him to join me he said he should check on the party, I was almost begging him my eyes on his cock outlined in his pants, he winked and told me to get some rest he would call me a taxi and let me know when it arrived. I fel back onto the bed half of me so satisfied and half of me wanting more.

This was only the start of what has proved to be an adventure but more of that later.

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Posted by christelle  [ 06:43 ]
Pretty carpet LaJoria
4:00p.m. Sunday (Big Momma’s house)
“Big Momma I really don’t want to talk to him about this, I don’t have nothing to say to him, nothing at all!” I told her, slamming the serving spoon on the table.
“Jori you need to do something, cause you can’t do this alone, and I am not going to be here forever to help you. So…” she paused. I continued to mix the cornbread.
“Big Momma he’s not ready to be a father, and I’m am not ready to wait for him to sow his wild oats then when he feel like it, come tryin’ to be a daddy!”
“I know what you mean honey, and I will respect any decision you will make concerning your life but, I really think that you should not give up so easily. A good man is worth fighting for.”
“He ain’t no good man, Big Momma or he’d be here right now, and not fuckin‘ around with every Tam, Trish, and Mary!”
“Oh, I see, then he’s only good enough to sleep with then?” she slapped in my face. I had nothing to say. “If he was only good enough to only sleep with, then you are no better than the other women you claim he’s sleeping with. I know you love him, just give him time Jori, he haven’t had much time to take this all in as you did. Give him time, he‘ll come around.” I rolled my eyes in the back of my head in disbelief.
“Me lovin’ him has nothing to do with him lovin’ me and MY babies.” I jumped in. “I just can‘t go after him full throttle just to get kicked to the curb.”
“Why don‘t you tell him how you feel?”
“I aint telling that bastard shit, if he didn‘t believe me when I first said something then he don‘t deserve to be in our lives, point blank!”
“Well, like I said, what ever you do I will back you one hundred percent, but you better make up your mind quick you only have 2 more weeks left.” she told me and left the kitchen. I finished my cornbread and put it in the oven.

“I’m going to take a bath, Big Momma!”
“Alright baby!” When the water was full I took off my clothes, and stood their in front of the full body mirror behind the door. My belly had stretched so much that if it stretched anymore it would have torn. I saw stretch marks worming their ways up to my bellybutton. I rubbed my extended belly.
“You are going to be out soon and I cant wait to see you guys!” I climbed into the tub. It was hard to get down now since the accident, the crash smashed my leg so hard that they had to do surgery on my hips. I will walk with a little limp for the rest of my life. They were so surprised that the babies survived the impact at such an early stage in the pregnancy. They weren’t sure if I should terminate or keep my pregnancy. I stayed in the hospital for four months after the accident learning to walk and function again but in more pain cause of the babies growing over a cracked pelvis.

Big Momma ruled out the terminate part for me. She don’t believe in abortions, she stand strong against them. That’s how she got me from my mom. Momma was immature and got pregnant and wanted an abortion, but since Big Momma told her not to she made a deal. If she didn’t abort me she would take me and raise me. And since then all I remember is Big Momma raising me. I hardly ever see my mom though only around the holiday time. I finished my bath and put on my clothes. I didn’t feel like arguing semantics anymore with Big Momma so I drug my fat belly into bed and laid down.

7:49p.m. (Big Momma’s house)
I didn’t know I was that tired, sleep creped and cloaked over me. When I woke up I was alarmed to find that I wasn’t alone in my bed. I turned around and behind me was Black. He had fallen asleep too. I shook him.
“Black what are you doing in here?” I asked him when I saw those gorgeous gray eyes looking at me.
“Damn, did I fall asleep?”
“Damn, didn’t I wake you up?” I kicked at him and rolled my eyes.
“Oh Big Momma sent me up here to see if you were O.K.” he said.
“Well tell Big Momma that I’m fine on your way out!”
“So why so many baby things?” he asked looking around and I laughed.
“You really don’t know do you?”
“Know what?” he asked looking back at me.
“Nothing, just go down stairs, now.” I said and scooted to the end of the bed. I wanted him out of there as soon as possible cause I was like a dog in heat, my pussy ached for him so bad. He grabbed my shoulder. Damn why he do that!
“Wait please!” he asked.
“I want to say something to you.”
“What?” I huffed.
“I am so sorry for the way I’ve been acting lately, you have to understand I’ve been locked up for 8 months and this is the first time hearing about the…” he paused and pointed at my belly.
“The what, Black?” I questioned. “My pregnancy?!!”
“Could you understand why I would be so skeptical.”
“Yeah, I could understand skeptical but not cynical, Black you practically called me a hoe!”
“I know and I’m apologizing fa that! I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, especially when I brought up Floyd and all.” My heart felt like it was going to drop at the sound of that name. Everything slowed down and I felt dizzy. I could hear Black calling my name but I couldn’t find the words to answer him. It sounded like his words were calling me through a tunnel.

I felt his arms around me, calling me again. “What’s wrong Jori,” he asked holding me in a tight embrace. I looked into his eyes, then slapped him.
“THAT WAS THE MOST HORRIBLEST DAY OF MY LIFE AND I WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF YOU WOULD NEVER BRING UP HIS NAME OR MENTION THAT PARTY TO ME EVER!!” I spat and started slammin’ my fists into whatever part of his body it landed on. He grabbed my wrists and kissed my hands.
“Baby I’m sorry I didn’t know, I won’t bring it up again.”
“I looked up at him and he down at me. He leaned in and put his soft hot lips against mine. I couldn’t help but to kiss him back. I haven’t felt his embrace, or anyone’s ones embrace for that matter since before accident eight months ago. I pushed away, a little.
“No!” he said and held me tighter. Our kiss became more passionate. I could feel his dick getting hard against the bottom of my fat belly.
“So I’m going to be a daddy huh?” he said and leaned back to touch my stomach. “Hello in there, daddy’s talkin’ to you, I can‘t wait to see you!” he said and kissed my belly then stood and embraced me again.

Knock knock, Big Momma called to us through the door.
“You two decent?” she joked and opened the door.
“I was just wondering if you two were coming down to dinner or shall we continue with out ya?” she asked.
“Continue with out us!” Black said.
“No we are going to be down Big Momma.” I said and tried to pull away from his grasp. Big Momma gave me a mean look and nodded towards Black and winked at me. She mouthed go ahead and closed the door. I got the picture.

“I need to ask you something?” he said and pulled me back into his arms.
“What” I said turning to face him.
“Will you marry me?” he asked falling to one knee. My throat got thick and my voice box stuck closed. Could this be true? Am I dreaming? I must be dreaming let me pinch myself to see.
“Ouch?” he said returning to his feet.
“Look LaJoria I don’t ever want to hurt you ever again. My mind went, ah baa, ah baa, ah baa! Everything that he said for about a second went Charlie Brown, waah wha waah waah waah.

“You don’t have to answer me right now, just think about it and let me know.” he said, smiled, and opened the door for me. I walked past him and shut the door. A look of shock came across his face. I turned around and walked over to him, pushed him on top my bed and unbuttoned his top. He just watched in amazement as I undid his shirt. He finished taking off his shirt when I undid his pants.

I pulled his pants and underwear off at the same time I climbed on top of him. I saw his semi hard monster cock throbbing. I grabbed it and pulled. I never sucked a dick before so I said I would try it this time. I leaned down to take it into my mouth. “NO!” he said and pulled me up towards his face. He planted kiss after kiss on my face. He pushed me on my back and started to undress me. He helped me pull my shirt over my head then unclamped my bra. As I took off my bra he pulled off my pants. He laid on his side and took my tit’s into his mouth. He lapped all around my nipple with his tongue. I couldn’t wait to feel his dick in me again. He sat up on his knees and kissed down from my nipples to my stomach. He kissed up to the top of my belly then down to the bottom of my belly before I pulled him to stop and come up. He leaned up and looked at me with questioning eyes.
“Make love to me Please!” I asked him
“Alright” he said and continued his path of kisses down my body.


There it was, a perfectly beautiful pregnant pussy! It glistened at the vagina as her juices started flowin’ down like silk against her skin, taunting me to eat of it. I succumbed to the calling and lifted her ass up and put a pillow up under it so that I could have complete access to her clit without her belly blocking my reach. When I kissed her soft pink folds she gasps and shudders. Yeah this pussy’s mine now! I softly traced my tongue around her clit to tease her. I ran my tongue around her love hole, then back up around her clit hood.
“Lick me!” she whispered.
“Huh?” I teased, I heard her loud and clear.
“Eat my pussy damn it, stop teasing me!” she barked.
Damn, I though, “Yes ma’am!” I replied and dove into her waiting pussy. I took her cunt into my mouth and sucked on it. I made a figure eight with my tongue over her clit and around her vagina. She was loving it, her pregnant body pumping her hips, grinding her pussy against my tongue. I lapped at her clit and drooling vagina like a thirsty dog. When I stuck two fingers in her hole she came instantly. Her vagina squeezed my fingers and flooded my hand with her creamy cum dew. She tastes so delicious, I wanted more.

I continued my tongue attack on her pussy and she squealed.
“Stooop! Please! I can’t …” she cried as I licked her into another screaming orgasm! “Aaahhh!” she moaned between breaths. “Black!!!” she begged trying to move my head away from her sensitive clit. I slowed my tongue lashing so she could calm down, but as soon as she caught her breath I tongued her pussy again. I watched and laughed as she tried to reach my head from around her extended belly but couldn’t quite reach. I bit on her clit with my lip covered teeth and that sent her over the top once more. She arched her back so high she lifted off the pillow and yanked my arms loose around her legs. As much noise she made screaming and moaning, I was so sure they heard her down stairs.
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Taking a picture TYRELL

Dinner went great. No more hounding questions at the dinner table. Everyone ate and was stuffed. Big Momma and LaJoria got up, cleared the dinner plates and went into the kitchen. She brought back the hot peach cobbler from the oven and a bucket of vanilla ice cream. She served everyone their portions and returned to the kitchen.
“Why don’t we take our dessert into the living room, Rell and Jori.” my step dad suggested. Jori and I looked at each other and got up. She walked behind me as we entered the room.

We sat on the love seat together, as my mom and step dad sat across from us on the sofa. Big Momma came in and sat on the chair beside the sofa and they all just stared at us. The conversation began with “So you’ve been dating for three months huh?” Step dad asked.
Ain‘t this a bitch! I rolled my eyes and shook my head.
“No sir,” Jori said.
“No what?” my mom questioned her.
“Look ma, what’s with the questions?” I asked her.
“We are trying to see where y’alls heads are son?” Jerome said.
“Wasn’t it you who told me that you wanted her as your wife and mother of your FIVE kids?” mom spat at me.
“So, ma you know I was just kidding about that.” I told her that earlier in the day when we saw Jori at the store.
“So was she kidding when she told me that she wasn’t your girlfriend?” she fired at Jori. “Why do we have to talk about this here?” I fired at my mom.
“Can’t we talk about this some other time, like when I get home?” I leaned up to the edge of the couch. I felt Jori’s hand rubbin’ my back.
“Sis. Michaels your son and I are just friends. We’ve been friends since grade school.” she added.

Why the FUCK did she have to say that. I had everything under control and she had to open her big mouth. I could only look at her with disgust. She put her hands on my shoulder and I snatched away.
“Ma, what you trying to get at? What do you want to know?”
“Well, let me just say first that I know that the two of you are having sex. I can see that in y‘alls faces.” ma said and looked at Jori.

Ma’s been having these visions of the future since I was a little boy. 9 out of 10 times she would be right about what she saw. I stood up in front of Jori and said
“Sit down son” my step dad interceded. I sat.
“What we are trying to say is…” Big Momma entered, “since we know that you two are having sex we wanted to know if you are protected. As much as we’d like you young folks to abstain from sex, we know you still gone do it, so, protection is our only preach.” I looked at my mom who was shaking her head in agreement with her.
“I’m quite sure you are not looking forward to raise kids before you put your lives together.” she put in.
“I’m careful ma, and I really don’t want to discuss with everyone about what goes on in my sex life either.” I threw at everyone and stood up again.
“So you are using protection then?” my step dad threw at Jori. I turned to Jori and she looked up at me and shook her head. I couldn’t believe she wasn’t backing me up. Now I’m pissed.

“What you don’t believe me” I fired at ole step daddy.
“Son sit down, and we can discuss this rationally.” he said and stood up in my face. “Discuss what rationally,” I fired “my sex life? MY SEX LIFE ain’t up for discussion with you or anyone else up in here.” I fired pointing around the room.
“Look son… we’re responsible for you and we just want you to be responsible for…” he started standing up to face me.
“Son? Responsible?” I interrupted. “Your son is in the kitchen, I ain’t your son. NEVER HAVE BEEN, NEVER WILL BE!!
“TYRELL!” my ma called sitting straight up and scooting to the edge of the couch. I continued.
“And as far as responsibility,” I growled “I aint yo responsibility.” I pushed him out of my face and back on the couch. He tried to get back up but ma grabbed him.

“Tyrell please, we don’t have to talk about YOUR sex life, so please sit down.” Big Momma stood up and held her hand out between Jerome and I. I had mad respect for Big Momma, she always set me straight when I was younger. She didn’t let me do some of that stupid shit I was going to do with my punk ass friends. Once when I skipped school and got picked up by truancy, she came and got me from juvenile detention when moms was at work. She made me promise never to be out from school without permission again or she would beat the hell out my ass and tell my mom so she could do the same. Since then, I never skipped school. Reluctantly I sat down beside LaJoria and she reached over to touch me again. Her hand rested on my leg. I pushed her hand from my leg then I put my elbow on my leg and rested my head down on my fist.
“Well since it was understood that the two of you were responsible then there is no reason to think that she would get pregnant then am I correct?” Big Momma asked us.
“No” LaJoria stated.
“No what Jori?” Big Momma asked.
“NO!! We were not responsible, we didn’t use protection.” she cried and tears dropped down her face.
…The FUCK!!! This bitch trippin‘!!! I turned in my seat towards LaJoria. I just looked at her. I was so disgusted with her and I shook my head.
“Son how could you be so damn stupid,” Step daddy asked me.
“I got yo’ stupid!” I roared and jumped over the glass table. I reached in and grabbed his shirt in my fist and raised my other fist back to hit him, then momma leaned over his chest.
“Tyrell Please!!!” ma begged. I let his shirt go and turned to grabbed my jacket off the back of the couch. Fuck this shit I’m outta here.
“Black please don‘t,” LaJoria begged and reached up at me and wrapped her arms around my waist. “You know I can’t lie to Big Momma, Black!!!” she cried.
“I ain’t got shit to say to you?” I pushed her arms off my waist and flew towards the door. I heard my mom call to me as I opened the front door.
“Tyrell please!” she begged. I turned around and shook my head and continued out the door.

8:44p.m. (out side)
I found myself driving in front of Sarita’s house. I stopped and blew the horn and she came out.
“Come ride with me,” I told her and she jumped in. I peeled off again.
“Yo girl just pissed me off”
“What, did she scream rape or something’?”
“Naw, what the fuck is you…” I trailed off. I almost lost it for a sec. Never tell a hoe nothing’!
“Baby tell me what’s the matter.”
“You been spreadin’ that fuckin’ rumor around again, bout me gettin’ you pregnant and shit?”
“Naw, Black who told you that?”
“It don’t matter, you just better not be spreadin’ that bull shit around to nobody.”
“I don‘t know were you got that information Black but…do you need me to help you forget about this awful night?”

I looked at her in disgust. Then I remembered that she did give some fire ass head. When we were in the seventh grade playing spin the bottle, Sarita took me in the closet and kissed my dick, ever since then she’s been suckin’ my dick almost daily.

I remembered the time when I had my first nut, outside of jacking off. I was fourteen years old and Sarita wrapped her lips around my dick and almost instantly I blew a massive load across her mouth. It scared me at first but when she sat up with a dripping wet milky white smile… Well you know, I no longer considered myself a virgin, even though I didn’t loose my virginity until weeks later to Jalisa, in her basement.

I pulled over on an empty street and cut off the car and lights. I climbed in the back of my car and she followed. I pulled my pants down to my knees and leaned back. Sarita got on her knees and wrapped her big lips around my dick. I grabbed the back of her head and a hand full of her thick bushy hair, leaned my head back, and enjoyed the ride.

Inside her mouth, her tongue curled around my swollen head, while her lips danced over the my shaft. Her mouth stroked and caressed my shaft, pushing every cell in my cock into a frenzy. I enjoyed watching my dick thrust in and out of her big brown lips.
“Shit I’m finna cum, UUUHHHHGGG!!!” While her tongue coated my shaft, my balls sprayed a thick wad of cum across her tonsils. She jumped off my dick before I finished my load and cum drippits got on my shirt.
“Oh my god. Look at this shit on my shirt!!” She quickly licked it up. “Nasty slut!” I pushed her head away from me and reached in the pouch behind the front seat and grabbed a wipe and cleaned up the rest of the mess.
“Now I have to go change.” I realized that I left my book bag home. I have to go home and change. I put Iceberg back into my pants and climbed back into the front seat. I turned the car on and put the car into gear. Sarita climbed back into the front seat before I put my foot on the gas and I sped off.

I drove her back to her house.
“So, was Jori good or not?”
“Bitch, that ain’t none of your business,” I said and came to a stop at the end of her block. “Get out my car.”
“I was just wondering cause she told me that yo dick didn’t even faze her, and that it‘s wasn‘t big enough too.”
“Bitch you lyin’, we ain’t never had sex! NOW get the FUCK OUT!!!” She just smiled and jumped out the car. She slammed the car door and started her walk home. I sped off and drove over to Antwon’s house. I knew she was lying cause I ripped that pussy up and she bet not dare say no shit like that.

“Antwon would have a shirt I could fit.” Twon use to live three blocks from me, that is until his mom died when he was in the 9th. He now lives in the next county from me with his dad. I had to drive fifteen minutes to get to his house. When I reached his house his car was gone so I pulled off.
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